• Ground.vu is now GeoCam

GeoCam deploys in support of Disasters to help first responders, governments, insurers, commercial real estate organizations, and residents. Our work with United Services Automobile Association in support of the Camp Fire and other events.

Task Us

By the square or linear mile anytime, anywhere.

Better decisions require accurate and current information. GeoCam offers on-demand remote intelligence as a service. We fly drive, or walk your area of interest delivering three critical information products to enable your staff to succeed in their roles.

Rapid Imagery

Our teams will fly or drive your area of interest delivering imagery ready for use in our Web applications. Orthos and obliques from the air + 360 panoramic imagery on the streets. Why try to cobble together cameras, GPS, computers, and networking when you can taskus anytime, anywhere to get the job done fast.

3d GIS & Assets

Our teams perform High Definition Map extractions from our imagery, both aerial and street or property level. Using our image only (no lidar) approach we provide the fastest most accurate data for your enterprise. Map street furniture, road markings, buildings, Utility networks, and many more use cases. If you can see it in the imagery we can map it in 3D.

Reality Modeling

With our imagery only approach we can reconstruct photographs into 3d point clouds and textured meshes. SImilar to what you are familiar with UAS systems, we do it at large scale over thousands of miles. We also provide custom rendering services blending our data in with future models or past event data.


Emergency Management

Rapid imagery, same day or next morning ready to consume in our GeoCam viewers and in your ArcGIS systems. Make fast accurate decisions from our rapid ortho, oblique, and street level imagery products.

Electric & Gas Utility

Vegetation Encroachment Transmission, Asset Inventory and Mapping Distribution Assets, Automated Visual Inspections, Storm Response/Damage Assessment.

Telecom / Wireless

3D urban modeling for microwave line of sign analysis, macro/small cell RF propagation modeling, and road-based aerial fiber mapping.


“Access to imagery gives us the power to make an accurate claims decision faster than ever before. Our objective is to ensure that our members who have been hit by a catastrophe get back on their feet as soon as possible,” Abbey May, Strategic Innovation Director, Claims Innovation, P&C Insurance Group, USAA. Learn more.


Email: myles@geocam.xyz
Mobile: 424.634.8906
Address: PO Box 122, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267

We’re building a network of trusted pilots and drivers, ready to collect imagery and map data for your projects anywhere in the world.